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UE Sanctuary Info
Long ago when magic was still practiced, five powerful sages, tired of the human's oppression of their kind, created an underground haven. And on the eve Winter Solstice, they brought 1,000 mages into the sanctuary they had built, calling it U.E.
Now still hidden in the modern day, U.E. has evolved far past humans, even infiltrating their society, as to make sure they are not discovered.
The five 'Heads', leaders of U.E. do their best to keep peace, but humans still expand, and sometimes grow suspicious of strange occurrences that happen on the surface.
In UE there are the leaders they call 'Heads'-There are five Heads that make the final decisions.
Each Head has a specialty in an element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Shadow, and Void.
Though they all are trained in most every element, they are masters of their main one, each potentially a deadly force.
Guards patrol the areas with homes and citizens, and their officers are trained to look for those with the potential of magic on th
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Mature content
Predator and Prey :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0
A Mother's Love
Veikindi walked around his large cauldron, every now and again adding things into it. It was where he made most his creations. In his realm of the swamplands he made long ago, and in deep of his castle. Since his birth he had always had the affinity for sickness, as his siblings did for other abilities. His twin, Kushtrim, was almost opposite of him. His brother was all about war and charging into battle, making heads fly.
Veikindi, who was always thin and a bit frail looking, had just as much power as any other Deity, but was more often coddled by their mother. Kushtrim never seemed to care much, he spent most his immortal life training and fighting. It was just as well, as their mother gave Kushtrim a greatsword when they were a week old, in which his brother decided to hit Veikindi on the head with it. Repeatedly.
Veikindi read instead, making things grow and figuring out what plants from his mother's garden may serve another purpose. Humans called this a kind of alchemy. He often h
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Noble Hearts
It was a strange time, this era. one full of lights without flame and buildings that touched the sky without the use of magic. Veikindi had wandered about for days, but the mortals still seemed to face the same kinds of problems and plights.
Beggars on the streets, and still mostly ignored. He put a cloak over himself, appearing not as the old wretched pus covered beggar as he did in the old era, but as homeless as others he had seen.
Old thin clothes draped over his frame, and sat without his right leg on the cold cement at the corner of a shopping center. His brown hair dirty and messy, his face covered in a dirty beard, and holding out an old hat for spare change. It wasn't gold or silver like it once was, which was odd. But, if they held it in high regard, so be it.
Many people walked by, some covering their noses in disgust. Veikindi found them just as repulsive. Walking away from those that could need help. In some ways, this era was worse. He could hear how they talked as if he
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Mature content
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OoN Info: PART 2
AM. Mini Plots
AN. Currency
AO. Mages
AP. Types of Magik
AQ. Runes
AR. Enchanting
AS. Materials
AT. Great Wyrm types
AU. Sports
AV. Horse Breeds
AW. Monks
AX. Necromancer Cult
AY. Plants/Herbs
AZ. Mage Weavers
AM. Mini Plots
Mini plots are like 'side quests' to where you don't just wander, or don't care to do the main plot.
Sahirla: None yet
AN. Currency
O'dheasba: None yet
Sahirla: None yet
Severak: None yet
AO. Mages
Mage: Mages are genera
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OoN Info: PART 1
AA. People of Orthana
AB. Map
AC. Gods
AD. History and Factions
AE. Vyrnn
AF. Seals
AG. Order
AH. Heretics
AI. Unbound
AJ. Magik Academy
AK. Pacts
AL. Order's Oath
AA. People of Orthana
Deaur (Dee-are)- This country is a mix between medieval Europe, and some Irish in the southern parts. There are all manner of people here, but the true natives will have lighter brown, blonde, red hair, sometimes black with any eye color.
O'dheasba (ode-hay-s-bah)- This is the southern land that had long been considered a part of Deaur, and is mostly a blend of Irish and Scottish people. Much of it covered in lush green fields and forests with high mountains. Most have brown and/or red hair with green, brown eyes and fair skin with freckles.
Sahirla (Saw-here-la)- The neighboring land is a vast desert area with several oasis and a few lakes, and large rocky mountains. There is some African and Indian culture here, with soft, colorful fabrics and jewelry made of gold and precious st
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Every now and again I post random stuff lol


LUNA'S FLOWER POWER! :iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 27 17 Baby fox is cute :iconwoxys:woxys 1,198 74 Dancing baby bat-eared foxes :iconwoxys:woxys 2,163 219 Spring is Here :iconcontinuinglegacy:ContinuingLegacy 15 3 Gecko gecko :icondark-raptor:Dark-Raptor 1,283 75 autumn :iconlisans:lisans 192 18 cute dinosaur :iconlisans:lisans 137 10 baby hunter :iconlisans:lisans 784 68 Daily Paint 1594. Tennis Ball Python :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,550 140 Daily Paint 1583. Tomatotoro :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,772 93 Daily Paint 1600. Kiwi Tart :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,526 150 Peace! :iconmockingbirdontree:mockingbirdontree 452 323 Great Ideas :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 983 103 Skyrim - Sanguine :icondoku-sama:Doku-Sama 143 112 Lunge [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 296 8


First of all, I think we all say 'awww' to this picture ^^ This is a great shot, and the detail is wonderful. Those tiny claws are just...

This is beautiful. I love how the water spirals around, and the woman's face has a bit of surprise, wonder and curiosity on it. I also ...



Long ago when magic was still practiced, five powerful sages, tired of the human's oppression of their kind, created an underground haven. And on the eve Winter Solstice, they brought 1,000 mages into the sanctuary they had built, calling it U.E.
Now still hidden in the modern day, U.E. has evolved far past humans, even infiltrating their society, as to make sure they are not discovered.
The five 'Heads', leaders of U.E. do their best to keep peace, but humans still expand, and sometimes grow suspicious of strange occurrences that happen on the surface.

In UE there are the leaders they call 'Heads'-There are five Heads that make the final decisions.
Each Head has a specialty in an element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Shadow, and Void.
Though they all are trained in most every element, they are masters of their main one, each potentially a deadly force.
Guards patrol the areas with homes and citizens, and their officers are trained to look for those with the potential of magic on the surface where the humans dwell. Officers look for potential mages because it can be dangerous, not only are there humans who try to kill mages, but sometimes if the magic is strong enough and not used, it can build up. It's best described like bending a hose with the water on, only if the magic comes out, it kills anyone around the mage, and sometimes the mage him/herself.
Many humans try to explaining these events by calling it 'Spontaneous human combustion' when it seems nothing else could make sense, they turn to science.
U.E.'s prison is the Containment Center, or 'CC' for short. There are different levels like human jails, the security varies to how dangerous they perceive the person to be.
The residential areas always have their guard within sight or calling distance of each other. Since every kind of security force is trained to communicate through their minds, they are never broken off, and can give and receive orders instantly, making them extremely effective in times of crisis.

Though the Heads are kept busy, it isn't very uncommon to see one walking through among the citizens, though always guarded, whether one can see their protectors or not.

The citizens of U.E. speak mostly in their native tongue, long lost to anyone on the surface since the war between the two people. It is the Sage's tongue, and the Heads are often referred to as 'Sala' (saw-lay).
Their wives or husbands 'Sala-ca'
And the future leaders 'Sala-na'
The Goddess Gaia they believe is the very source of most the magic, and have a great respect for the world. While one can draw magic from the earth, it can also be drawn from their very soul. The Goddess is all they know, and she represents all life and death.
When a child is born to one of the Heads, they are brought to a sacred place, and shown before a form of Gaia. There, it chooses which one has the strongest soul, therefore marking them as the future leader of U.E.
The child marked as the Sala-na is put through special and strict training through their life until the time comes when they will be called to take their place to lead.
In a sense they make a pact with both Gaia to protect and serve their people. If by any means this vow is broken, their power is stripped away, and they are cast out, never to use magic again.

Being a mage also gives an increase in intelligence, and so U.E. has made many advances in technology, such as robots.
There are special units where when one gives their life for U.E., they may choose for their soul to remain in a robotic body. Like an organ donor has had the choice to give away a heart or liver after death, the mage's willing soul may be sealed in a new body. This choice is highly respected, and may be withdrawn at any time they choose.
Mages also have a longer life span, aging much slower than humans. While one might look 25, in truth they can be well over 60 years old.
The Heads mostly have the longest life span, reaching into 300 years or more. The Heads are often depicted as different kinds of dragons, as the mighty beasts are revered as guardians of the earth, and whenever they are called into battle, they don an ancient armor that has been passed down from the very first Heads, rumored to have come from dragons.

When they pass on, Gaia takes their soul into their own paradise, the ultimate reward for their sacrifices.
In the rarest of cases though, souls can be saved without a body. After the first Heads passed on, their souls chose to stay and defend U.E. in the future. Their souls are kept in a kind of crystal-like case until they are needed, and after a few hundred years, they have been called the 'Ancient Heads'.
Other souls though may be saved, and put into different bodies. Most have robotic ones, or limbs that they have lost.
The bodies and limbs have artificial magical veins running all through them, so the person can still use magic to a certain extent, depending the make and size of the veins.
One can choose to stay in the robotic body, like a human can choose to donate organs. If their body cannot be healed in time, or is missing, and the soul is still around and willing to stay, then it can be put into the new body.

The main enemy of U.E. is 'Beowolf'. A large group of humans that vow to rid the world of mages, believing them to be too dangerous for the sake of humanity's survival. Though always working on a way to stop their magic, many have gone to the extreme and began a secret war, killing hundreds to thousands over the decades. Beowolf has also integrated themselves into more than a few governments to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.
Some experiments are preformed on mages that have been captured, and U.E. and, in return, shown little mercy to any that attack them or their people.
UE Sanctuary Info
I swear I've put this up before :|
Anyway, added a bit and changed some, just basic information, might type up how mages came to be in the first place later. Enjoy!

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One of the largest structures ever built was Hiari's fortress, in her realm of Rivingur. Hers was the most varied realm, containing mountains, snow, desserts, forests and oceans. It was also the one of the most well guarded, her warriors standing at attention at all times.
The fortress was grown from the largest tree in her realm, which started out as wood. After it was built, Hiari cut herself and mixed her blood with the wood, hardening it harder than stone or steel. It was intimidating from even a far ways, and getting to it is no easy feat. A dense forest surrounds her home, letting little sunlight, making it a permanent dusk. Apart from there being almost no clear paths, it is guarded by her animals that stalk any who go in.
No one had ever seen these beasts and lived to tell, as they devour any that wish any kind of harm to their Goddess or her realm.
Hiari sat on her throne in her hall, watching the women feast and train. A few large, long tables sat in the middle of the giant room, plates of meats and cheeses and bread baskets always filled to feed her warriors. Hiari's black hair was loose, most of it settling over her right shoulder, which she was playing with. Her paler skin was inherit from her mother, her dark hair from her father, as well as her deep blue eyes. Hiari wore what she usually did, furs and leather. A corset like vest covered her chest and some of her middle, fur-lined leggings and loin cloth were around her waist. Though she wasn't quite into the things they other females were, she did wear gold and silver adorned her hair, weaving in and out as thin vines with long leaves spiraling down on either side of her face.
A woman walked in through the large double doors, straight up to the Deity, knelt, bowing her head as she took off her helmet. The woman wore a tighter leather suit, her helm made from bone, decorated with horns of a small dragon. This stated the woman as one of her generals, who often looked after some of her mortal followers outside Rivingur.
She sat up and nodded for her to speak.
"Forgive me my Lady, but there is something that you must see."
Hiari stood and many looked up from their meal or training, but as she hadn't called them to arms, they quickly went back to their business. The general led her Goddess out of the main hall and down a hallway, where Hiari kept many of her artifacts. Inside, hung tapestries of her killing great beasts and charging into battle. A large pelt of a wolf also hung on the wall, pale as the moonlight, just above a table with various bottles that looked empty.
The woman stopped in front of a bowl of clear water, and as Hiari approached, tiny ripples began. "I was returning a scroll from training when the water distorted and showed me something horrid." She said with a frown. Hiari looked into the liquid and it changed to a scene of a forest, however it was anything but serene.
A few men were running through the trees, most of them having blood on their clothes and skin. Then men also wore bloody furs on their heads and tied around their waists, which struck Hiari as odd. They stopped, panting, then began to laugh.
"Stupid animals," one panted, putting his hands on his knees. Hiari narrowed her eyes and moved her hand over the water, making the scene move as if she was looking through an eye. Not far from where they were, was what was a massacre.
Blood was everywhere, the bodies of several wolves were both mangled and cut into parts that were tossed about, and many of the skinned. Hiari went back to the men and through her mind's eye, entered into the men's heads. She could see enough to where flashes of pain and grief were overwhelming one of them, and gathered a son was killed by a starving rouge. The father saw, killed the wolf, but his son was already dead.
In his pain, he turned to anger and sought out vengeance with others. She could understand his grief and killing the one that killed his son. But for him to go as far as seeking out any wolf, a pack just to vent his anger... He slaughtered a family that had done nothing to him, he even killed an expectant mother, her pups cut out of her womb. Wearing their skins like trophies was the last she wanted to take.
Hiari's shock turned to anger, then rage. Her fists clenched tightly, almost drawing her blood. Without a word, she turned and left the room, her general bowing as she passed. The woman glanced at the bowl in disgust herself, then walked out, shutting the door.

Resting in a small grove, the men sat on the ground, trying to scrub off the blood from their faces. They had hit them with arrows first, a couple of them getting clawed, but all in all, they had been able to sneak up close enough to give the wolves a surprise. One joked about the reaction, how the male tried to rush him, but got run through, making the others chuckle.
Watching them from the trees, a large black wolf stared at the group. As big as a horse, the creature's heart rate began to speed up at the impending hunt. Hiari watched from afar, waiting for her turn. Her wolf that she raised from the first litter, would start the hunt, then chase the prey into the woods. They would be picked off, one by one, but left alive. Hiari had plans for them then.
Her wolf steed, Ragnar, lifted his head and howled, startling the men so much that a couple fell over. They got up and looked around, taking out their bows and readying their arrows. Ragnar leapt out and took one bow in his mouth right from one of the men, crushing it, letting it fall to the ground. The man who lost it stumbled back, mouth open and shaking.
The others let loose the arrows, and Ragnar allowed them to hit him, and walked forward, the blows doing nothing to slow him down. When he got close enough, one pulled out his sword and charged at the wolf. Again, Ragnar let it hit him, going through his throat. He stopped, but then continued walking. By now the men knew it was no ordinary beast, and most of them began to back up, then run away. The one left was the one that started this vendetta, and Ragnar looked at him.
His face twisted in fear, he too began to shake and dropped his bow, trading it for his sword. Ragnar then twisted his head and pulled out the sword that the other man had stuck in him, then bared his fangs and lunged.

Hiari chased the others down, one by one and toyed with their minds in a way that would make Manasi, her grandmother, proud. Howls and panting followed the men wherever they went, and despite shooting at any moving bush or swaying plants, no wolves came from the shadows. Hot breath would be at their necks, only for them to turn and see nothing. Paw prints in the dirt would lead nowhere, and they would be knocked down with no culprit in sight. Eventually, she stopped playing with them and made them so frantic they either fell or passed out from exhaustion.
When they woke, they weren't tied up, but laying sprawled on the ground, surrounded by dead trees. At first, no one was around, then Hiari stepped into view, dressed in leather and a wolf's pelt that hung around her like a cloak.
"P-please, help! We-" One called out, before realizing who she may be. Now pale and sweaty, the man shook as he bowed to her, but Hiari didn't care. It was too late. Slowly, they came to the same conclusion, and weren't sure what to do. Their leader spoke first, trying to appeal to her.
"It-they killed my son! My only son! I was angry, I couldn't stand to see them anymore!" Ragnar breathed down his neck, and he yelped as the large wolf walked around them to his mistress's side, head up high and golden eyes locked on them.
"You killed the rouge that attacked your son." She replied, her voice cold. "Then you chose to murder a family that had nothing to do with it." The thought of even just the unborn pups made she shake with rage. She nodded to Ragnar, and he ran off, vanishing into the haze that surrounded them.
Hiari took in a breath and let it out, then walked over to one of the men, and grabbed his throat. She lifted him up and took out a dagger, and he began to cry, closing his eyes. "Now, what did you do to them? Ah yes."
Hiari sliced the man's arm open, his eyes opening in shock, then she took his skin and ripped it off the muscle. He screamed and the others looked away. She dropped the man, his arm shaking and bleeding, then brought the others closer, opening their eyes.
"You will watch your demise as you watch the wolves!" She yelled, and through her strength and skill with the blade, she skinned the rest of the man, until he died. She dropped him in front of the others and then skinned the rest. Their once angry and fearless leader now knelt in the blood of his former friends, unable to close his eyes, or even blink. He looked up at the furious Goddess with a fear filled and tear stained face.
Before his eyes, Hiari changed into a large wolf, black as her hair, with brilliant blue eyes. She got close to his face, shoved her snout in his chest, ripping out his heart and swallowing it. After he fell dead, she lifted her head and howled loudly enough for all to hear.
Ragnar returned then with the pups in his mouth and set them down gently. Hiari walked over and began licking them, and they began to move in response. A high pitched whine came from them, calling out for food and Hiari finished licking them clean before taking some in her mouth, some in Ragnar's.  Night had fallen in Rivingur by now, the moon shining brightly overhead. Hiari stopped in her forest, and set the pups down. Soon the creatures that guarded her woods came forward, taking the pups to raise as their own, per their mistress's wishes. They had been the only ones not torn apart by the men's cruel act, but at least now they would be safe and loved here, more guards for the woods.
She would take them on hunts when they were old enough, train them as she did the others. Ragnar sat by her side and nudged her arm. Hiari scratched his head and smiled at him, and began walking back to her fortress where her warriors no doubt were sleeping off the large meals and drink.
Predator and Prey
I honestly don't really do gore, and I know I'm not good at it, but this is totally in Hiari's character to do this, so I couldn't really do anything else and have it make sense ^^;

Anyhow, you do not anger Hiari. She is very protective of her animals and very prone to vicious vengeance...

Also, she has never really had much affection for guys, save for her father, so that doesn't help things lol :D
Veikindi walked around his large cauldron, every now and again adding things into it. It was where he made most his creations. In his realm of the swamplands he made long ago, and in deep of his castle. Since his birth he had always had the affinity for sickness, as his siblings did for other abilities. His twin, Kushtrim, was almost opposite of him. His brother was all about war and charging into battle, making heads fly.
Veikindi, who was always thin and a bit frail looking, had just as much power as any other Deity, but was more often coddled by their mother. Kushtrim never seemed to care much, he spent most his immortal life training and fighting. It was just as well, as their mother gave Kushtrim a greatsword when they were a week old, in which his brother decided to hit Veikindi on the head with it. Repeatedly.
Veikindi read instead, making things grow and figuring out what plants from his mother's garden may serve another purpose. Humans called this a kind of alchemy. He often had his nose in a book or some scroll, which suited him. He thought about what to add next, scratching his head, faint red highlights merged with brown strands. His olive green eyes looking over all the vials and boxes that kept samples of plants, water and blood from various sources.
He sat down, and noticed a stain on his dark orange shirt. What was that again? It wasn't the only stain he could see either, his gray pants were spotted with liquids that must have been spilled the last time he fixed something. Veikindi shook his head, grabbing a vial of water, and putting some on a cloth. Once that was a bit off, he went back to work, grabbing a red vial and stood in front of his cauldron again.
His cauldron bubbled, and he added a drop of what looked like blood, then put his hand over it. He closed his eyes and focused on what he wanted. Pain, and pain urinating. Odd looking-
Veikindi looked up and sighed. It would have to be put on hold for now. Though he was a bit irritated about the interruption, he let it go as she hadn't visited him for a while. He wasn't sure just how long, may have been months, or even centuries. Time didn't touch them the way it did mortals.
He turned to see his mother. A young woman wearing a long black skirt with slits up to her thigh, barefoot, and a wrapped dark red top around her chest. Her dark red hair was down to her knees, forest green eyes locked on his shelves for a moment, then on him. Her fair skin along with how she looked, and dressed, was most often how things got 'out of hand' many times in the mortal realm. His mother wouldn't outright make someone do and say things like one of her devout followers. No, she was often very quiet. Subtle.
It sometimes took weeks for someone to notice a change in their spouse or friend. Little things here and there, the mortal would do something they normally wouldn't have.
Unless she was feeling bored and impatient. That was when the fights started. His mother liked taverns, easy to get into a drunken rage over a woman. Chaotic, and yet she held herself back in ways that even he still didn't know how, or why.
Manasi, the 'Mad Mother', was always a mystery, even to her children. Yet he loved her, of course. She had given him and his siblings life and, in her own way, love.
"Mother, what brings you here?" Manasi frowned and sighed, just about collapsing on his frame. "I haven't seen you, I just spent the last months of this year with Hiari..." She grinned. "Having the time of our lives. You should have seen what she did to these poachers! It'll take weeks for them get all the thorns out!!" Her head fell back and she bellowed.
Veikindi grinned and shook his head. "Well, at least the ones that lived..." His grin faltered. Manasi giggled and leaned back as she held onto him, almost pulling him over. "You need to eat more sweetie, you look thin."
"I've always been thin..." She smiled. "Hiari has the best food, lots of meat, make you beef up." Manasi paused, her face twisted, then she shrieked. "Beef! Get it?" Veikindi smiled, but it was a bit forced. She always made herself laugh when she was in a good mood, so he didn't mind the play on words too much, even if they were bad. "In any case, Hiari doesn't allow men in her realm, remember? Except for her husband, even then it's iffy." Veikindi reminded her. His niece had been like that since she was young, however he still wasn't sure why. But he wasn't going to ask and incur her wrath.
Hiari was vicious. In battle, in most anything really. He understood why when it came to her duty. She was in charge of the animals that flew, swam and crawled in the mortal world. She detested poachers, often changing them into the animals they kill and then hunting them down. Not to mention she often then ate them...
Veikindi went to his cauldron and grabbed a vial of yellow from a shelf, then poured all of it in the mixture. He seemed so focused now, like he forgot she was there, but she watched him for several minutes.
"So, what are you cooking now?" Veikindi looked up, almost surprised. "Ah, sorry. I was thinking about something."
"Like what?"
Veikindi frowned. "Something new, something I haven't done before. I have an idea in mind, just thinking of how to spread it." Manasi nodded.
"Anyway, I thought I'd make something subtle at first, make the suffering long. But not die, not for a long while." Manasi smiled and walked around the cauldron. Veikindi stepped back and sighed. Manasi holding his arm again, rubbed her forehead on his shoulder.
"I need a quick break, did you want me to get something to drink?" Manasi froze, her eyes slowly moving to his. That was a yes. He smiled and gently removed his arm from her grasp.
"I'll be back soon." Veikindi got to the top of the stairs before turning around. "Don't...touch anything, ok?" Manasi looked up, twirling about, making her skirt fly. "...Alright, fine. I won't touch anything of yours." She rolled her eyes, and it made him hesitate, but it would have to do.
Veikindi left through the door and Manasi plopped down on a seat, running her hands up her legs, her mind running through the recent events.
Think about it made her bored though. She liked to party, and though she had taken a drink before she came here, she could feel herself starting to sober up. "Unfair." She sighed, and lifted her hand to summon something, when her eyes caught the cauldron. It seemed in a frozen state, and she stood up, walking over to it. Glancing at the door a few times, she almost put her finger in it to taste. No, she did promise him, and she kept her word. Usually. One way or another. She could smell it, she only said she wouldn't touch anything of his, not smell. Inhaling, the fumes made her eyes go wide and watered. It was like smelling rotten flesh, blood and a bit of feces.
What was he making? He usually hid it until he unleashed it. Manasi bobbed her head back and forth. It smelled like such a good, disgusting recipe. But it was a shame these things only got to a few people. If someone was bad, but charmed another that was good, he wouldn't like that. What if they ignored his warnings? Some humans were like that, being stupid and...
Maybe she might be able to help... Manasi smiled, her voice starting low and her hands came up. A laugh came through her grin, and she could already think of a few things to do. Spread it slowly, and subtle... What's the one thing humans could never fully live without? Food, water were overdone. There was something that she was missing, and as she twirled around, it came to her.
Another grin. She would help, but she wouldn't touch anything of his... No, she ran to the cauldron and raised her arms. The energies she could get were easy ones, but never really worked with much before. Mortals had so much energy, it was easy to gather just some of it. It was pink at first, then it turned red, and a mess of colors. Manasi brought her hands down, looking at what she had brought to her.
"Aw, so pretty..." Her gazing into the mess made her recall a time when she almost felt the same, but refused to do anything about it. "Ah well, bottoms up!" She dumped it into the mixture and watched as it bubbled hard, like it was going to explode. She put her hands over it to ease it down and it became the same color as it was before. Her hands went into fists and she shook her body.
What a surprise it would be!
She could hear her son returning, and she skipped back to her seat and sat upright as he came down the stairs. Veikindi handed her a tall glass bottle with a dark liquid inside, and she took it, holding it to her face and hummed.
Veikindi just smiled and shook his head, going back to his work. As Manasi drank like she had been severely dehydrated, he tended to the mixture and after a half hour, he decided it was good enough. Sometimes the diseases changed on their own, mixed with different elements on the mortal plane. Veikindi then lifted it with his hands and the mixture floated up into an orb of green and yellow, and walking over to a wall, the bricks slid over revealing some kind of door.
It opened, and he pushed it through what looked like a mirror that reflected another place. Just as he finished pushing it through, a bit of black began dripping from it, but before he could look closer, it was done.
As if that hadn't tipped him off something was different, his mother started to laugh. Turning to her, she was sprawled over the cushions holding the empty bottle in one hand, as her other played with her hair. Normally, he would tell himself that she was simply drunk. She often made odd comments or laughed herself to sleep if she was in a good mood.
"Mother?" Veikindi started, and she laughed louder. Something wasn't right.
"Mother? What is it? ...What did you do?"
Manasi dropped the bottle and sat up sighing. "The game should be more fun now, who has the rash!" She laughed again. It was the combination of his own knowledge about diseases, his mother, and experience, that he was able to make the connection.
Veikindi went back to the cauldron, going through all the things he put in it. There was something else, something that he hadn't. Veikindi went back to the wall and looked at the mortal plane, moving things around so he could see the damage, and what else was in his mixture.
It was confusing at first, then he turned to his mother with an expression with shock.
"You... You gave it to them from bedding each other? Why?!" He was usually cool and composed, he didn't really care what his brother thought of him much, nor others. But he was gone now. Veikindi every now and again was reminded of how he often felt as a child. His mother either mis-connecting things in her fragile mind, or complicating them. This seemed like both. Somehow she was able to compose herself long enough to make him forget she really was the embodiment of crazy. He felt confused, and maybe that was what she always wanted.
She was now standing and holding herself, giggling madly, before throwing them into the air running for the stairs, completely amused with herself.
"Because screw all the mortals!!" Shrieking with laughter, she leapt up the steps and ran out the door, leaving Veikindi with mouth open for some retort she would never let him have.
God or not, she could test the minds of anyone.
Manasi then peaked back in, and he looked up.
"Pun intended!" She left once more, Veikindi's head now in his hands, and moaned.
A Mother's Love
Oh Veikindi... Never leave the room with Manasi in it. You should know this by now.

Thus, STDs were born!

A longer scene from this short thing I typed up cause it just popped in my head with no warning, and that from a conversation I was having with Toran XD Lol
For some reason, I felt like typing a lot of things down, I guess mostly in hopes that it might just help someone understand how I feel.
Below is a rant of sorts, maybe it'll help someone who has dealt with this too, who knows.

I cut in the past. My arms, my legs, anywhere that I felt I could, and could cover up. People I'm sure are in the dark as to why, since I can't speak for others, I'm gonna try and get this down on why I had.

Imagine every time you get something nice, someone hits you and reminds you, you can't keep it. Or you can't have it. Don't break it, ruin it, or you'll never get another one. This is what I've heard personally in the past basically. My dad would remind me.

I'm sorry to say, he was the reason I even thought about it, and eventually started to cut. It feels wrong for me to feel bad, or mad. I feel guilty for feeling anything sometimes. I have to be ok with anything. I need to not show too much, or people will laugh or point at me and say 'do something different'.

What works for you, isn't necessarily going to work for me, everyone is different. I tend to retreat when I feel threatened, or like someone is saying to get over it or they tell me to do things. I think about it, I really do. I admit, sometimes it takes hell to get me to try some things. Fear is one of the worst, but if it sounds or feels like someone is getting upset about what I am or not doing, I'll retreat. My fear tells me they don't like me anymore, I'm too much of a wuss. It tells me they're sick of me and so I'll stop calling, or be afraid to call. I can't ask for help, most the time it's just too much. Partly because I'm afraid they'll refuse to, and because I'm so afraid they won't understand.

Recently I took a huge hit. That I'm the worst, I didn't try hard enough because I'm weak, I use to be so close to someone, but it was never the same after an event. I blinded myself to it, I shoved it away but it still hurt deep inside.

My dad would call me stupid, a brat, said I was lucky to have been born, and/or to have this kind of life. Details are fuzzy, but I think it's coming back. He would treat the animal like a god, and leave me to rot. So I started one day to cut my arm, small at first, but the more he did, the more emotions I was exposed to. I was 10 at the time, I had no idea what was going on, or what I was starting to feel and be.

I can't speak for others, again, so this is what I've found what my thoughts and feelings lean too: I try to tell people I don't feel good. I tell them I feel so out of control. They do nothing but say pretty words to help me 'find myself', or something. It doesn't do anything. I have most the time in the past, pushed how it feels down when telling them, because that fear is there that they will think me crazy. They'll drop me off somewhere for people to poke and prod at me. Never mind how illogical you may think it is. That fear is very real. No one seemed to take me seriously, so I sunk away from them. I stopped telling them for a while, then I tried again. Same result, nothing seemed to ring with me, nothing helped. So I cut again, and again. I felt I might as well look as badly as I feel inside, that way people can't ignore it. But at the same time, I didn't want it to show, I was afraid that people would shun me and I would be left alone. So I played like I was ok, just grumpy. I got mad at other things, like school, my dad. I didn't realize it then, but I was resenting him, and the animal he treated so well. It would show aggression to me, but he just said 'it's just showing you how it feels'. So I showed it how I felt when my dad wasn't around. I hit it as much and as hard as I felt I could. I hated it. It got the attention I was denied unless I was a perfect angel, which I could rarely play. One slip and it was back to being a stupid brat. So I cut again, and it continued for years.

Skipping a few years, it switched to someone else after my mom left my dad. I was beyond doing what I could to hide it, just didn't care anymore. Nothing was done.

I will say this, please, please do not react in anger. Because I've been dragged by the arm before to the bathroom when someone caught me, and the only thing it did was affirm that I'm stupid, selfish and just doing it to 'get attention'. In a way yes. I wanted someone to notice just how bad it had gotten, but the only attention I got was help bandaging the cuts up. I don't remember a lot of things. I don't remember anyone telling me it's ok, and keeping me safe.

My dad called the police after an animal bit me. Then somehow it turned to where he put that same species so high above me, I gave up long ago trying to climb to that pillar. I was told we use to get along, then my TS showed up, and OCD. It got hard for him to try with all of us, but I could never be what he wanted me to be, and I hated myself.

Anger only makes it worse, only makes me feel like cutting even more, deeper and harder and then suffering the pain alone. I can't call and ask someone for help, I've never felt as close to someone as I use to be. To me, help won't come unless something drastic happens.

I keep thinking if there's a way I can say how bad things feel inside, without saying anything about killing myself, and making everyone believe that I need to have a straight jacket. I've never really thought about killing myself. I'm could never do that, but I will make myself suffer. I deserve to suffer, that was ingrained in my head a long time ago. To punish myself for being such a bad daughter, friend, human being.

Please don't yell at cutters. Don't yell at me. Things have happened to where I'm trying to get better, I'm trying to get a hold on this anxiety, and these emotions. Reacting in anger will only lead me to retreat even further, which I'm sure is true for a lot of other people. I'm constantly fighting myself, every day, every decision that I go to make. I think 'will something hurt me in any way?'

Can I really do this? I'm fighting with myself every time I want help. Sometimes even I don't know what might help, but to have someone there beside me, sometimes it's the only thing I want. I've been told I have some symptoms of PTSD, and the reason why I still doubt it is because to me, abuse is violent, physical. Mental and emotional health doesn't matter, so long as you can pretend things are better now. It never mattered before, so why now? Why should I believe others? They're just exaggerating things, I'm fine. I'm fine and no one can tell me otherwise.

I think because I don't believe I deserve help. This one counselor I saw, I thought I had gotten better. I stopped hitting my side and hand. After a couple weeks, I started hitting myself again. I ruin my things, feeling like I don't deserve any nice thing, or rip a picture I drew. He took me for someone violent just waiting to snap. He didn't like the meds I was taking for anxiety, so he treated me like I was some addict. And I took it because my mom didn't say anything against it, and I believed him because of some piece of paper he had. Seeing him became a punishment that I had almost forgotten.

He told me that if I ever broke down in front of him, he would call the police and have me arrested. If I yelled the neighbors would call the police too.

Every single time for months-every time I started having trouble with my problems, I tried to hide in my room and be as quiet as possible so no one would hear me sob. No one would see me break down, so I wouldn't go to jail. That was around three years ago, and nothing can be done because it was too long ago. He gets off free while I'm still here, still afraid that someone will call the police every time I start feeling upset, and it paralyzes me sometimes.

Me, I don't seem to have any voice to speak for me. It's either 'oh you cut? Stupid emo'.

Reaffirming to me that emotion are bad things to hide. Or 'you cut? You must be some masochist.'

I've cut to feel anything but the pain inside. I've cut to find any kind of release and relief from all the times I've felt so worthless, because I never felt I got much from people. Cut because I was yelled at, at school, because my dad belittled me again, because the counselor talked to me like my dad always did, and extra for not being able to think I've fulfilled someone's expectations.

Please don't get mad, don't leave me because of this. I'm trying so very hard to not let this define me. I've felt so much that I'm just a passing thought, I'm just on the back burner for people. If they don't have anyone else to go to, I might be considered.

I'm afraid to say anything, because it feels like if someone else isn't doing well, I have no right to feel the way I do. I have no right to feel lost and down.

When I feel like I fell, I can't just call and say so to someone. I don't wanna be rejected or brushed off.

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