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Every now and again I post random stuff lol



Thumb by burnyourflag

First of all, I think we all say 'awww' to this picture ^^ This is a great shot, and the detail is wonderful. Those tiny claws are just...

liquid snake by Misanthropics

This is beautiful. I love how the water spirals around, and the woman's face has a bit of surprise, wonder and curiosity on it. I also ...


5:star:=Bring lots of potions

Retinfray-[ Long live the King]:star:-4 Once, Matgravir was the capital of Sahirla, but once it was cursed by sandstorms, Imonet became the largest city. There is one way to enter the cursed city, but it has been on lock down since the eldest Prince fled its walls. The King of this great city now lies ill, with but a short time to live. The Prince that fled seeks a cure for his father's sickness, and travels across the sands. The guards that chase after him though have set out a rich reward for bringing him in unharmed. Much gold awaits that person, but would it benefit the city more to have a well King, or wait for his successor to take the throne?
OoN Mini plots- Sahirla
Just one for now, but I have hope that I'll get more ideas XD
The world- The world is called Orthana. It has one sun and one moon, like Earth. It is very much like Earth in seasons and years as well. There are several places of great beauty and danger as well. Though there are several different land masses, most of the focus is on four of the world's Countries.

The Lands- Deaur [Dee-are] is a mix between Medieval England/Europe. It has various landscapes from wide open plains, forests, and snowy areas in the Northern parts.

Sahirla- [Saw-here-lah]is the country with both Indian and African. It has vast desert areas, with high rocky cliffs and mountains. Water is scarce out here, but there are Oasis's dotted about.

Severak- [Sev-er-rock] is a mix of Norse and Scandinavia. Some of the tallest mountains are found here, and most every place is covered with snow, save for a few plains and paths.

Lumi Maa-[Loo-me-mah] is both like Native Americans and Eskimos. Like Severak, it is mostly snow and ice. It is said to be the birthplace of magik, and creatures called 'Ethers', beings of raw energy.

The People- The people of Deaur have peachy to tan skin, browns and blonde hair, sometimes black. They are called 'Deaurins'.

In Sahirla, they have light to dark brown skin, dark eyes and hair. They are called 'Sahirlians'.

People in Severak also have peachy to tan skin, light brown, blonde and a few red hair. They are called 'Severakians'.

Lumi Maa has people that have light brown-ish skin and dark hair and eyes. They are not known to have a specific name, but often are called ' Lumaaians'.

The Great War- It began in Deaur, around the greatest city in the known world, Nevyah. A group of humans tried to attack the Gods, declaring war. At first the Gods laughed at the feeble attempt, but after they began to gain enormous power very quickly, they sent their warriors to fight the humans. Using powerful dark magik, they turned themselves into Demons of awesome power, called the Vyrnn.
Though it was a slow transformation, the battle between them and the Gods went on for 50 years. At last, the Vyrnn were powerful enough to challenge the Gods, and they themselves went down to the mortal plane and fought with them.
They clashed around the city, reducing it to rubble. Though the battle only went on for a few minutes, tiny shards of the God's armor broke off and spread across the lands. Finally the Gods pushed the Demons aside, and trapped them in 7 Seals on Orthana.
The long battle became known as 'The Great War'.

The Vyrnn- Though once human, they traded their humanity in for immense power to fight the Gods. Now trapped in a kind of eternal darkness, their only goal in mind is to be set free and kill the Gods.

The Order- After the Vyrnn were Sealed, the Gods chose a group of humans to protect them. Named after the great city Nevyah, the Order vowed to serve the Gods and keep the Seals from ever being opened again.
They protect the Seals by gathering the shards from the God's armor, and giving them back to the Heavens, as they are the only things that can be used to break the Seals.

The Heretics- Often called the 'Living Vyrnn', these are humans that defy the Gods and work to free the Demons. Though most did not fight in the Great War, many children are taken from their homes and raised to hate the Gods. They also pilfer offerings and if they can, demolish any shrines they can.

For more info, please refer to this page, thank you!…
7 Seals.OrderofNevyah.Info
Hopefully this reads better than the last one! ^^;
I seriously want to get back into drawing my comics, so if anyone reads this: CHEAP fakemon eggs and stuff...

At least when I get my scanner hooked up! I should be able to within a couple days, like today or tomorrow.
Then hopefully drawing those will help me continue to draw ^^; I can only hope.
Saturday was awesome, got to see the 2nd Avengers with a friend and then we hung out and she started Skyrim... I shall convert her!

Anyways, I'll start working on the eggs and final designs for the fakemon today, they'll just be like, 5 points or something. Like I said, cheap lol. They they're yours and stuff once you buy them, free to name them and even alter them a bit if you like. I'd still love to see them after they are done though ^^
Help give me inspiration!! :eager:
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I don't like being too serious, and am kind of tense around serious people. I can put my arm behind my head, and not like you think :o

BTW: Check out my new comic: Voice Of Reason :D (Links to other pages in my comments)

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