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Every now and again I post random stuff lol



Thumb by burnyourflag

First of all, I think we all say 'awww' to this picture ^^ This is a great shot, and the detail is wonderful. Those tiny claws are just...

liquid snake by Misanthropics

This is beautiful. I love how the water spirals around, and the woman's face has a bit of surprise, wonder and curiosity on it. I also ...


Name: Manasi
Gender: Female
Appearance: A young woman with long wavy dark red hair, fair skin and dark green eyes. Wears mostly black and red, sometimes gray, likes to go barefoot.
Division: Confusion/chaos
Power: She manipulates the minds of mortals into thinking or acting whatever she wishes them to do or say. She can also be playful and do pranks, or if angered harm any she comes across. She was born from the never ending Void of energy.
Offerings: Wine, sweets, or herbs that can alter the mind and cause hallucinations.
Sacred animals: Poison dart frogs, cobras and Monarch butterflies.
Name: Yannic
Gender: ??
Appearance: Is usually in some form of humanoid. Can change between looking female or male if he/she wishes.
Division: Time/knowledge
Power: Can control the flow of time (pause, stop/start), and collects knowledge of all things both mortal learned and Divinus. He/she was created when time first began of the world.
Offerings: Books and scrolls.
Sacred animals: Tortoises.
Name: Hanji
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short brown hair and bright yellow eyes, tan skin and somewhat muscular.
Division: Order/law
Power: He can use his power to restore order where there is chaos and war, though this causes conflicts with Manasi... And can also help with those who are corrupted. The third born of Manasi, he is the opposite of his mother.
Offerings: Black-eyed Susan flower, tears of an innocent.
Sacred animals: Bulls.
Name: Thann
Gender: Male
Appearance: Though often drawn as bones or some spectral man, to those dying he appears to have medium black hair, and warm amber eyes. He is pale, and to those who are still living, he appears in any shape or form and wears bright clothing with a black cloak lined with silver threads.
Division: Death/Spirits
Power: He takes souls to the afterlife, whether a paradise or eternal torment, and judges them by the truthfulness and sins of their lives, deciding which ones should, or deserve to be reincarnated. From the first soul, Manasi made him a deity.
Offerings: Cleaned bones of any kind.
Sacred animals: Scavenging creatures, like vultures and hyenas.
Name: Sakusei
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has long deep pink hair and pink eyes, and wears fine dresses.
Division: Life/reincarnation
Power: She gives life to humans, giving and taking in balance and works with her twin, Ulniir. She decides with him who shall be reborn or punished, and may return a life back to the body if they need to learn a lesson they didn't learn in their last life. Born from the first mortal life, she was made eternal.
Offerings: Blessed water, and chrysanthemums.
Sacred animals: Rabbits.
Name: Xeo
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pale skin and shimmers like fresh frost. She has red eyes and long white hair and wears fine white dresses that also is like fresh snow.
Division: Winter/ice
Power: She brings the season of winter to the lands and freezes anything she desires. She was born from the moon.
Offerings: Furs.
Sacred animals: White rabbits.
Name: UnKnown
Gender: ???
Division: Summer/fire/love
Power: He brings the warmest season to lands and also governs over feelings of adoration in mortals. He is responsible for helping mortals find love. Born from the sun, he can control many flames.
Sacred animals:
Deity of Spring/Needlepoint: OPEN
Deity of Autumn/Songs: OPEN
Name: Shyama
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pale skin and black hair that goes down to his neck, he wears dark clothing and usually a cloak that hide his features.
Division: Shadows/nightmares/fear
Power: He controls every shadow, every spot in the dark, and feed mortals nightmare when they sleep. He creates fear in anyone, and knows all mortal's minds. Born from the shadows of the Void, his sister, Manasi pulled him out.
Offerings: Blood, from an animal or human.
Sacred animals: Owls.
Name: Kushtrim
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall very large muscular man with only a fur cloth on his lower torso. He has long brown hair, with the sides of his head shaven, the middle in a wolf's tail. He carries a large blade, which no mortal can ever hope to pick up. Born from the first fight, he came from mortal blood spilled.
Division: War/battle
Power: Kushtrim can create conflicts large enough to start any war or fight, and is known to take part in the most brutal battles known to mortal or Divinus.
Offerings: Hair of one's enemy, or weapons.
Sacred animals: Giant boars.
Name: Veikindi
Gender: Male
Appearance: Most times a sickly looking man with one arm lame and bandages wrapped around his face and torso, walking with one blind eye and a limp. He uses this to test mortals, but in reality, is a handsome young man with brown hair and light olive green eyes, who wears fine, but simple clothing. He is Kushtim's twin, born from the pus filled wounds.
Division: Disease/thievery
Power: He can bestow both the most deadly diseases, or take them away from mortals. He works in balance though, giving plagues to cleanse the land and people. if one is kind to him, and his beggars, they are said to be blessed with health of family or livestock.
Offerings: Rotten fruit/meat or a deadly plant.
Sacred animals: Rats, bats.
Name: Tangee
Gender: Male
Appearance: A large man, almost as large as Kushtrim, he has large rough and calloused hands, red-brown hair that's in a ponytail. He is tan with coals and soot, always looking dirty, and has a long beard that he wraps around his neck when he works. He was born from the molten metal of the first weapon.
Division: Blacksmithing
Power: He makes all the Deity's weapons, from blades to arrows and staffs, and can lift any weight. In this right, he is a master in all kinds of weapons.
Offerings: Scrap metals, hammers and clear spring water.
Sacred animals: Weaver birds and chimpanzees.
Deity of Sun/Wealth: OPEN
Name: UnKnown
Division: Moon/water
Power: She controls the moon and the oceans, raising and lowering the tide as she see fit to keep the sea and land in balance. Born from Manasi as the first light in the darkness,
Sacred animals:
Deity of Women/Marriage: OPEN
Name: Vernan
Gender: Male
Division: Fertility/family
Power: His role is like the Divinus of Women, in that he is the protector of families and governs husbands, helping them provide for their family. He was created to be a defender as well, and help mortals to conceive.
Offerings: pending
Sacred animals: pending
Name: Hiari
Gender: Female
Appearance: A young woman with medium black hair and deep blue eyes, and fair skin. Hiari keeps her hair up in a braid or a bun during her hunts. She wears either furs or leather leggings/loincloth, and a vest that almost looks like a corset.
Division: Hunt/animals
Power: She is the master of the hunt, and governs all animals. She was born from the blood of animals, and her parents are Time and Moon.
Offerings: Pelts, teeth or claws.
Sacred animals: White stags, deer and wolves.
Name: Stea
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has black hair and silver eyes with pale skin. She often wera dark blue dresses, like the night sky, flowing around her like water.
Division: Fate/stars
Power: She can see all fates of mortals, and has visions often. She weaves every fate, be it mortal or Divinus in her head. Born from a shooting star, she passed through time and sees everything.
Offerings: Gems, anything that shines.
Sacred animals: White mice and lynx.
Name: Eraas
Gender: Male
Division: Games/heroes
Power: A patron deity to mortals, he rules over contests of strength and speed, competitions and most every event. All mortals that wish to become great pray to him to earn his blessing. The most famous have fought in both wars and have been peace keepers. He is also fond of light tricks, playing them on both mortal and Divinus. Born from Manasi, he is brave and courageous.
Offerings: Items won in bets.
Sacred animals: Trout, those that jump out of the water or up stream.
Name: Giridhar
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall and large built man, with dark brown hair and golden-brown eyes. He wears torso armor with a long loincloth and a decorative armband with jewels on one arm, a glove on the other.
Division: Mountain/dreams
Power: He is the master of the earth, creating earthquakes and landslides.  Unlike Shyama, who only brings fear into mortal minds, Giridhar gives pleasant dreams. He was born from the earth's crust shifting, bringing the whimsy yearnings of mortals, dreams.
Offerings: Horns, silver and opals.
Sacred animals: Oxen and eagles.
Name: Koresh
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark brown hair, black eyes and lightly tanned skin. Wears open robes or loose pants, hardly wears shirts and wears sandals.
Division: Famers/animal husbandry
Power: The child of Hiari and Giridhar, eh governs over farms and animal husbandry,
Offerings: Farm animals, like sheep or chickens, he also take tools and food.
Sacred animals: Sheep and cows.
Name: Padmasun
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long wavy strawberry blonde hair, blue-green eyes and fair skin. She has a thin, but curvy body and wears light colored dresses. Many times she will appear pregnant or with a baby in her arms.
Division: Beauty/pregnancy
Power: She can make any man follow after her, but does not play harmful tricks on them. She also does not woo married men, and watches carefully over women that are with child. Governing over beauty as well, she is prayed to often and those that abuse their charms, she can curse them with ugly attributes.
Offerings: Jugs of milk, perfumes and gems.
Sacred animals: Doves and lovebirds.
List of Deities for RegnumDivinus
Newer updated version! Now in 3D! ...Not really XD
But you don't have to make a sheet specifically for this room, just bring your own sheets in :dummy:
Right here-…

I get it so bad sometimes, I feel like bashing my head against the wall just to make it stop. Haven't passed out yet, but I've gotten close. I am feeling better though, got some work done outside and I'm gonna do more today.

In other news, babies are fine, My bun is still spazzing every time he's out(and sometimes in lol), and I give him little treats every now and again, like bananas.
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