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Octopie Earrings by MadMother88 Octopie Earrings :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0 Mushroom Earrings by MadMother88 Mushroom Earrings :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0 Totoro Earrings by MadMother88 Totoro Earrings :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0 Bulbasaur Earrings by MadMother88 Bulbasaur Earrings :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0
OC: Elise Williams Sheet
Name: Elise Williams
Age: 21
Appearance: Almost shoulder length black hair, slightly spiked and with dark red tips. Light fair skin, icy blue eyes, and likes to wear short shirts with vests, tied in front and shorts with sneakers.
Gender: Female
Race: Palariam (A mix between humans and an old race that once faced extinction. The end result was a people of fair skin with dark hair and bright icy blue eyes.)
Personality: Distant to most, she wants to help deep down, but keeps others at arm's length to protect herself and them. She says what she wants most the time, but knows how to hold back if she thinks there could be trouble. However, she doesn't back out if there's going to be a fight. Elise is stronger now and she knows it, sometimes flaunting it at others if they rub her wrong or act high and mighty.
Bio: Born in a farming community, on a planet called Hirtha. Elise grew up happy for the first five years of her life. She fell ill not long after a nearby explosion took out many of t
:iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0
Bastet- Motherly Goddess by MadMother88 Bastet- Motherly Goddess :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 1 0 OC: Nemhai by MadMother88 OC: Nemhai :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 1 0 Gwen by MadMother88 Gwen :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 1 0 Kelsa by MadMother88 Kelsa :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 1 0 Sidra by MadMother88 Sidra :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 1 0 Adkiv and Idra by MadMother88 Adkiv and Idra :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0
Stay With Me
A girl opens her eyes to nothing, no trees, no buildings, just emptiness. Though she can't remember how she got here, it almost seems familiar.
... Where am I?
Hello? It's too dark I can't see.
Am I alone?
Looking down at her feet, the darkness surrounds her until a voice breaks through.
I am here.
Who are you?
I'm not sure...but I'm here now.
Something comes towards her, and she thinks it might be some creature. As it gets closer, it seems to shift into something like a dragon. Long tail, wings and a face that she feels she can trust.
Will you play with me?
I-... Sure, I'll play.
It was never boring after that.
This is fun! I never thought I could do this!
Why else would I have wings?
Together they fly high in the air, the once dark void, now a blue sky with clouds and grass beneath them. The girl puts out her arms smiling, the feel of the wind on her face.
I love it here, I don't wanna leave...
Then don't.
It was something said i
:iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0
OC: Leander by MadMother88 OC: Leander :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0 VoR: Redcross by MadMother88 VoR: Redcross :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0
UE: Short History of Mages
Over 870,000 years ago, humans had begun to expand Empires and Kingdoms, fighting over the lands and resources. It became so violent, that people started to execute those that trespassed on their land, to protect it from bandits. They, however, weren't the only ones that were suffering. The Earth, the Goddess had long been watching, hoping that they would change their ways.
Thousands of years had gone by, and at last, a group of humans that were tired of the wars, banded together. Slowly at first, so they wouldn't be thought to be a possible enemy. After many years of hiding and passing discreet coded messages, they gathered, now around several thousand humans with the same belief: Humanity has to change to save their world and way of life.
They gathered at one of the very last untouched, and sacred places of Gaia, praying to their Goddess to help them teach and guide the others that were lost. Their humility and the compassion in their hearts moved the Goddess, so she took every l
:iconmadmother88:MadMother88 0 0
OC: Tyne Hope by MadMother88
Mature content
OC: Tyne Hope :iconmadmother88:MadMother88 2 0
Every now and again I post random stuff lol


Stupid Love - Part 1 by SilentReaper Stupid Love - Part 1 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 1,301 132 Pose Set Swords by Anadia-Chan Pose Set Swords :iconanadia-chan:Anadia-Chan 178 4 Running Reference Sheet by Kibbitzer Running Reference Sheet :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 3,520 22 Resources: Head-Neck 1 by deeJuusan Resources: Head-Neck 1 :icondeejuusan:deeJuusan 6,471 87 Hand study ref by xghostwheelx Hand study ref :iconxghostwheelx:xghostwheelx 628 15 Hand study 2 by xghostwheelx Hand study 2 :iconxghostwheelx:xghostwheelx 272 4 Cuddles reference sheet 3 by Kibbitzer Cuddles reference sheet 3 :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 5,236 56 Female standing poses by Sellenin Female standing poses :iconsellenin:Sellenin 3,698 200 Female poses 2 by Sellenin Female poses 2 :iconsellenin:Sellenin 2,660 205 StupidFox - 174 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 174 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 1,620 56 Slavic mythology. Sirin by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Sirin :iconvasylina:Vasylina 11,680 534 Poses set 3 by Sellenin Poses set 3 :iconsellenin:Sellenin 724 11


First of all, I think we all say 'awww' to this picture ^^ This is a great shot, and the detail is wonderful. Those tiny claws are just...

This is beautiful. I love how the water spirals around, and the woman's face has a bit of surprise, wonder and curiosity on it. I also ...



Bulbasaur Earrings
I really like how these came out :D I kept holding my breath when I was painting them, so afraid I'd mess up... Anywho, I'd like to make little polywag earrings... AGAIN. 3rd, or 4th time's the charm, right? :crazy: THEY KEPT BREAKING CAUSE PEOPLE WEREN'T CAREFUL ENOUGH. ~Huff~
Finally, after waiting, I GOTS AN XBOX ONE!!

Anyhow, got Skyrim and I'm loving the mods :D which is the reason why I didn't go for the PS4, more mods and stuff... But we still haven't found a place, and it's really annoying that we just keep going in circles. One place took the money for the application, but screwed us over cause there were cigarette buts ALL OVER the place and it smelled like crap. Stupid smokers think they're so entitled to be little **@#%#$...
I've met such nice people that are smokers, but I've found the majority just seem to be stupid. Yes, I hate the smell and it makes me get headaches and feel like puking, but they CAN pick up after themselves. It just depends.

Anyways, we're out 70 bucks that we can't really afford so if I ever hear their name again I'm telling the person that they are greedy ***** and they suck cause they will rob you.

So, hoping to have a place... Still, and trying to survive as our only car needs more work... :crazy:
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  • Playing: Skyrim for the 783465 time
  • Eating: Iron pills
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United States
I love video games, drawing, music, and reptiles :)
I hate haters, idiots, scammers, and people who judge :(
I don't like being too serious, and am kind of tense around serious people. I can put my arm behind my head, and not like you think :o

BTW: Check out my new comic: Voice Of Reason :D (Links to other pages in my comments)

Current Residence: Ashutar
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Gothic metal(NightWish!!)/Epica, J-pop
Operating System: My brain XD
Wallpaper of choice: ...Purple? Or anything of Mr. Slithers
Skin of choice: Mine XD
Favourite cartoon character: Moogle/Chocobo
Personal Quote: What's the point in life if there's nothing to fight for?


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I will draw you pictures for points XD
And for the more willing donors, I shall make earrings!

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